Welcome to the Data Collection portal for the Well Watch Project

School group testing water

Well Watch is a community wide program of monitoring wells
on school grounds.

The goal of the Well Watch Project is to develop greater understandings and applications of groundwater science by students and teachers, and to develop an awareness of its past, present, and future history.

The Well Watch Project was first begun in 1991 with the drilling of the first monitoring well at Eaton Elementary School. Two more were drilled in 1992 and 14 other ones added in by 1995.  The Central Colorado Water Conservancy District (CCWCD) spearheaded the program and the drilling of the monitoring water wells. Project time, labor, permitting and equipment were all donated by various partners, including R&R Well and Pump, Lesh Drilling, Enviro Drilling Pumps, Colorado State University and Ledall Brothers Construction, Inc. The wells ranged from Eaton to Pueblo. Due to lack of technology to store and analyze data collected by students, interest in the project waned and it became less of a priority. In 2010, the West Greeley Conservation District funded a Poudre Learning Center (PLC) intern to complete a survey of the PLC hydrology and suggest the location for two monitoring wells to be used for K-12 and community education. The intern worked with PLC, CCWCD and the University of Northern Colorado (UNC) staff to install three wells at the PLC. The success of this project lead to desire from CCWCD to revitalize the Well Watch Project.

Since then, Central Colorado Water Conservancy District has been working with the Poudre Learning Center to bring Well Watch into the 21st Century. Further donations and support have come from West Greeley Conservation District, the City of Greeley Stormwater and Water Conservation offices, the Poudre Heritage Alliance, Quality Well & Pump and Leonard Rice Engineers in database and website develpment.